The Graphic Century

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The Graphic Century

The Graphic Century reveals the symbiotic relationship that exists between graphic design and art. Structured chronologically, the publication presents a survey of posters dating back to 1903. Although they are brought together from the archives of just one institution – the Whitechapel Gallery – they are emblematic of wider ideological, technical and aesthetic tendencies. 

Edited and introduced by Hannah Vaughan, The Graphic Century surveys the developments in visual communication since the Gallery’s launch. Featuring designs from 1903 – 2009 by Ashley; Baynard Press; Françoise Berserik & Hannah Oorthuys; Gunter Brüs; Bureau for Visual Affairs; J.D.H. Catleugh; Carroll, Dempsey & Thirkell; Chaseton Press; Theo Crosby; Curwen Press; Andrew Dark; Charles E. Dawson; Express Printers; Abram Games; Peter Gladwin; Derrick Greaves; Richard Hamilton; Nigel Henderson; Richard Hollis; Gordon House; James Hull; Sarah Jackson; Barbara Jones; Dan Jones; Malcolm Lauder; Richard Long; Kenneth Martin; Richard Matthews; Mountain & Molehill; O-SB; Victor Pasmore; Penny & Hall; Peter Saville Associates; Raymond Pettibon; Emanuel Sandreuter; Philip Sansom; Shenval Press; Spin; Kate Stephens; Alan Stewart & Douglas Allsop; Tomato; Vail & Company; John Weeks.

Paperback, 192 pages, 280 x 220 mm

ISBN: 978-0-8548-8172-7

First published 2009

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