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Carlos Amorales
Woodpecker (2020)

Collage with lithographic prints
80 x 60 cm
Edition of 21 works, in 3 colour variants (7 of each), signed and numbered    


About the work

For Whitechapel Gallery Carlos Amorales has created an edition of 21 collages in three colour variants (7 of each). The series accompanies the La Caixa Collection exhibition In the Eye of Bambi , 14 Jan – 19 April 2020. 

Entitled Woodpecker, 2020, each collage is constructed from of a group of abstract forms that combine to create the shape of a woodpecker. Dismantled, these shapes function as a useable typeface designed by Amorales, used across the artist’s practice. In Amorales presentation ‘Life in the folds’ at the 57th International Venice Biennale in 2016, the encrypted alphabet was made physical in the form of ocarinas, a traditional Mexican mouth flute. Therefore, allowing the alphabet to be interpreted both textually as a typeface and aurally through the ocarina. In collage, prints and paintings the ‘letterforms’ have also been combined to produce figures, objects and animals, such as the woodpecker.

About the artist

Carlos Amorales (Mexico City, 1970) lives and works in Mexico City.

Amorales work is concerned with producing forms of language which can avoid or sidestep censorship used in mass media. His imagery relates to contemporary subcultures, traditional crafts, popular culture and conceptual art, referencing both Mexican and European iconography.

Selected exhibitions

Selected solo exhibitions include Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2020); Germinal, Tamayo Museum, Mexico City (2013); The Man Who Did All Things Forbidden, Philadelphia Museum of Art (2014); Herramientas de trabajo, MAMM Museo de Arte Moderno Medellín (2017); Axioms for Action, MUAC, Mexico City (2018); Faces, The Moore Space, Miami (2007); Dark Mirror, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, (2008); Discarded Spider, Cornerhouse, Manchester (2010) 10th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, China (2015); the 2nd and 8th Berlin Biennial, Berlin, Germany (2001 and 2014); Sharjah Biennal, Sharjah (2013)

 Carlos Amorales represented Mexico at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2016.

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