Rodney Graham: British Weathervanes

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Rodney Graham: British Weathervanes

Early plans for the Whitechapel Library included provision for an unrealised weathervane. Over a century later this original intention has been achieved through Rodney Graham's Erasmus Weathervane - a glittering addition to the London skyline. This publication celebrates the inauguration of Graham's weathervane on the cupola of the Whitechapel Gallery's roof.

Rodney Graham was born in 1949 in Canada and lives and works in Vancouver. He has continually worked across different mediums including photography, sculpture and installation as well as music, film, performance and writing and his work has taken the form of architectural models, books, camera obscuras, wallpaper and musical scores.

Hardcover, 48 pages, 165 x 230 mm 

ISBN: 978-0-6920-0218-6

First published 2009.

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